Medical Supply Distribution and Management Software
Django, PostgreSQL, Nuxt.js, Elasticsearch

Business Challenge

German medical supply stores offer a wide range of medical equipment. Each product can be manufactured by different suppliers with different prices. Combining these prices with prices offered by different insurance companies as a compensation can lead to having more than 300 different prices for a single product. That sofware has to integrate with insurance companies, suppliers and other partners via API interfaces. Custom products tailored to specific patients and their measurements need price configurators and cost estimate documents.

Our Solution

In order for our customers to efficiently list products, expenses and have a better control of their business flow, we provide them with a complete overview of their stock and product pricing movements. Record keeping is a priority - our software enables users to track the whole flow of a purchase, from the first moment their customer enters a shop, through the cost estimation and insurance compensation procedure, to the product being delivered. All required documentation (prescriptions, product documentation, etc.) are safely stored and always available to users. Our solution is cloud based, thus providing maximum availability, scalability and state-of-the-art security

Data is stricly separated for every customer and access to the data can be micro managed for every user.


The system had to be fast and capable of handling all the complexity of a organisation with a large number of concurrent users.


The system had to be secure. We applied several layers of state-of-the-art protection to keep business data away from unauthorised users.


SimpliSan had to be functional. As in, people's functional. Irrespective of different work processes and know-how within the company, using SimpliSan should be accessible to every employee.

Extensive testing with concrete users and simulated scenarios allowed us to deliver the end product which the companies wanted.

From Challenges to Bussiness Opportunity

We added additional business value to the SimpliSan:

Mobile app allows company agents to scan new documents and make new orders on the go. Data provided by company agents via mobile app are instantly accessible to employees in the office. Mobile app also allows scanning the docuemnts for Inventory process.

By adding API interdaces to insurance and suppliers we have made the most advanced software to be used by companies that deal with medical equipments in Germany.