Fostering innovation within the scope of the Public tender for Incentives for research and development projects 2

We at infinCUBE d.o.o. are more than aware of the fact that in order for a company to sustain the lead in the market, it must constantly focus on research and development. This is the only true way to foster innovation within a organisation. Our challenge in the field of research is represented by the project ┬╗Multimodal urban mobility┬ź for which we and our consortium partners at msg life odateam d.o.o. and KODEX PROGRAMIRANJE d.o.o. were granted funding from the Republic of Slovenia and the European union, the European regional development fund as part of the Public tender for ÔÇťIncentives for research and development projects 2┬ź.

Smart management of mobility within cities is one of the key elements of smart cities. With the development of IoT and IoS this field also witnesed intense development. However the already developed solutions do not fit the needs of all cities. The result of the project ┬╗Multimodal urban mobility┬ź will be the development of a smart platform for parking management and the fostering of multimodal ways of traveling to final destinations in urban settings with the following goals:

- reduction of traffic and environmental pollution in urban centers,
- simplification and facilitation of parking in city centers, and
- simplification and promotion of a multimodal, sustainable way of traveling.

Selected members of all consortium partners have excitedly devoted themselves to the research and development of this innovative solution, which will last from 9.7.2020 until 8.7.2022.

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