Hey future coworker! Below you can find the positions we are currently looking to fill.

But even if you cannot find a good match for your skillset, give us a shout-out. We are always on the lookout for creative problem-solvers.

A bit about us:

At Infincube we like to bite into the engineering challenge. You won’t be shifting pixels on WordPress, or fine-tune Shopify carts. Instead, we would like you to build software that solves hard problems for a big scale of users.

Done is better than perfect. We are all engineers (or engineering friendly here) so we get the appeal of highly optimized code, shiny new ML algorithms, and stacks that are trending on Hacker News. But we are also product builders. So we like the middle ground between shipping out half-baked MVPs and overengineering products due to scope creep.

All work no play makes for a boring work environment (but good movie plot!). We like to take the edge off. From alpinism to chilled drinks by the river, from gaming nights to picnics, we like to keep the options opened, so everyone can find something for themselves to relax and kick back (but we promise, no ping pong table).

Think we would get along? Check the job posts below 👇